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The Company

automotive partner.

We are an Italian company with international relationships and global activities especially in the automotive industry.

We demonstrate key-competences to provide Engineering and R&D solutions in areas including:

•  Light weight body & trim, chassis, structures and suspension

•  High performance engine & transmission

•  Light weight materials as aluminium & composites (Carbon Fibre)

We develop production process & technologies and we manufacture a wide range of advanced composite materials, as Body in White pressed panels, Class A SMC Advanced, Compression Molding, Pressed structure & frames.

Our Mission

We are interested in understanding the needs of customers and providing both standard and customized solutions in order to offer an excellent service in all its parts: from design to delivery.

Customer satisfaction comes first for us, which is why we constantly introduce cutting-edge and validated solutions to facilitate their application in the AUTOMOTIVE sector of reference and in full compliance with the product compliance requirements.

Corporate Values

We consider human resources as a corporate resource to be preserved and evolved. We are a company that promotes different cultures and professions and that always aims to achieve the best results.
We are focused on the essential, eliminating waste and inefficiencies. We operate in compliance with safety, the environment and applicable laws.

The General Management establishes on an annual basis specific objectives to be attributed to the Company Management, according to the area of ​​competence, in line with the responsibilities covered and the general company objectives.

Finally, the Management ensures that the quality policy is disseminated and understood within the entire organization, available to stakeholders and periodically reviewed to verify its constant adequacy to the internal and external context.

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