CARBOPRESS mainly operates in the Automotive sector and has always strived to achieve a level of competitivity on the market, complying with all competition regulations whilst promoting a correct use of available resources based on social responsibility and safeguarding of the environment.

Faced with a growing evolution of the market, the Company has decided to emphasise its core principles and values, listing the fundamental rules to guarantee the efficacy and transparency of the entire structure in a Code which addresses the conduct of each and every employee.

1. The Code of Conduct

1.1. Objectives

The Code defines the principles governing the conduct of the Company’s employees, the core values that inspire the business activities and management of the same. In this respect, it represents a concrete support for all employees, a reference guide that is able to assist them in performing their individual tasks and duties in accordance with the highest standards of conduct in professional relations, and pursuing the Company’s mission more effectively.

1.2. Addressees

The Code applies to all employees (directors through to blue collars) who have signed work contracts with CARBOPRESS or the subsidiaries in which CARBOPRESS is the majority shareholder, at both a domestic and international level.

Company suppliers and other business partners (consultants, advisers, agents and dealers) collaborating with the Company are all duly informed on the contents of the Code of Conduct and, therefore the best practices adopted by the Company as regards the conduct of all stakeholders in their professional relations.

2. Values

The Code is based on the core values shared by the Owners; it governs both internal and external conduct and relations, guaranteeing correct operational activities, management reliability and the reputation of CARBOPRESS.

  • Legality

CARBOPRESS conducts its business in accordance with the regulations in force in the territories in which it operates and, in any case, observing all internal legislations.

  • Integrity and transparency

Every individual task or duty shall be performed in a clear and transparent manner, which allows the Owners to check the integrity and conformity of the same;

Integrity and transparency are not only core values for internal relations, but also and more importantly, they also apply to external relations with Customers, Suppliers, Public Administration and Authorities.

  • Accountability

Each corporate process is coded to allow monitoring of the various operational phases and identification of the relative positions of accountability (also post-factum).

  • Confidentiality

The confidentiality of the information on those who engage in relations with the Company at all levels, is deemed to be of primary importance, to be protected and safeguarded, preventing unauthorised disclosure, illicit intrusion and illegal use of any data stored by the Company.

To this purpose the Company has appointed a Privacy Manager, responsible for ensuring constant monitoring of its control systems.

  • Protection of Individuals

CARBOPRESS acknowledges the unconditional primary role of individuals taking all necessary measure to ensure their dignity and welfare in a protected work environment. From this point of view, the Company invests significantly in technical and professional expertise, encouraging a culture based on education and training, aimed at achieving progressive personal enhancement and a consequent development and increase in work opportunities within the Company.

At the same time, the Company prohibits all forms of discrimination or molestation, condemning all conduct based on race, sex, age, nationality, religion or other personal characteristics that adversely affect the principle of equal opportunity related to work and professional advancement.

Any form of child labour or forced labour is deemed detrimental to personal integrity and, as such, prohibited given its violation of human rights.

  • Ethics in professional relations

CARBOPRESS owners are guided in their business relations by the principles of legality, honesty, appropriate behaviour and reciprocal respect: conditions deemed fundamental by the Company in its pursuit to achieve its objectives based on growth and optimisation of corporate resources.

  • Integrity of information

The information managed within the scope of its responsibilities is processed and disclosed in an accurate, complete and truthful manner.

Privileged information obtained in performing respective activities are not used or disseminated to its own advantage or that of third-parties.

3. Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

In addition to complying with all national and international regulations, CARBOPRESS also focuses on continuous improvement of its Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental aspects with:

  • The organisation of training programmes.

  • The implementation and constant application of a specific management system.

All of the above in accordance with the specific requirements of the law in force.

The Company also promotes the development and application of safe processes and products in terms of the environment, and the optimisation of resource performance, the reduction of emissions and waste.

4. Whistle Blowing Policy

Carbopress offers to employees, suppliers, customers and, more in general, all stakeholders, a channel to notify a conduct that may potentially lead to a fraud, hazard or breach of law or that may cause detriment to the organisation, customers, shareholders or other stakeholders, held by anybody within Carbopress, in relations with the latter or on its behalf.
Carbopress recommends disclosing names in the notices, in order to allow an accurate and suitable inspection activity.

The notice shall provide any useful and suitable elements to verify substantiation.

Carbopress does not tolerate threats or retaliations of any kind towards the person reporting the incident or those people who collaborated in verifying the grounds of the notice.

The anonymity of the person reporting the incident is guaranteed and the Management reserves the right to adopt suitable actions against those who retaliate or threaten to retaliate those who presented notices pursuant to this policy.

The activities to verify the grounds of the notice will be executed by the Management in compliance with principles of impartiality and privacy, carrying out any task deemed suitable and involving competent corporate departments.

Once the inspection is concluded, should the notice be well-founded, the Management will implement suitable disciplinary provisions and, anyhow, actions to protect the company.

The notice can be sent to email address or introduced in the red box located at the plant, in the production area.