CARBOPRESS’ General Management intends to boost the Organisation whose winning elements in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market consist in focusing on customers and constant improvement of its corporate processes.
In line with the company’s strategies and general growth and competitiveness goals on reference markets, the General Management promotes:

  • the central role of the customer and all stakeholders (suppliers, employees, external reference bodies and shareholders);
  • the quality culture at all organisation levels;
  • constant improvement of the quality of supplied products and services through the implementation of the requirements set forth by IATF 16949:2016 specification in operating procedures and activities, aiming at attaining excellent quality levels;
  • constant improvement of the efficacy and efficiency of processes;
  • the importance of human resources;
  • training and engagement of employees;
  • profitability and creation of value to ensure and consolidate the Company’s development;
  • relation of profitable collaboration with all external suppliers;
  • protection of the environment, safety, health and safety of workers.
  • Compliance with applicable reference laws.

Hence, CARBOPRESS has identified in the MISSION, VISION and common VALUES, the basis for a commitment shared at all levels to attain increasingly ambitious and successful goals.
CARBOPRESS invites all employees to notify any suspected fraud, illicit or anomalous conducts and/or any type of serious danger or risk that may involve or anyhow cause detriment to employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the public or to the company’s image, of which they became aware of during the execution of work and management tasks, according to the definition of the whistle-blowing activity set forth by IATF 16949:2016 standard (for example but not limitedly to, hazards on the workplace, environmental damages, illegal financial transactions, threats to health, suspected corruption or extortion in office).
Any substantiated notice within the company, provided not in anonymous form, will be suitably considered, ensuring the privacy of the identity of the reporting subject, granted legal obligations concerning enforcement of anonymity and privacy. The person who reports the substantiated and reasonable circumstance in good faith, will be protected from retaliations or other reprisals from the subjects involved in the facts object of the same notice.


Understanding the Customers’ needs and provide standard and custom solutions for excellent services (from design to the finished product) that ensure customer satisfaction, introducing cutting-edge and validated solutions aimed at favouring the application of composite in the reference AUTOMOTIVE sector, in full compliance with product conformity requirements.


Create and represent a winning Corporate model, reference point for customers and suppliers with regards to product innovation and efficacy of the style and management conducts.

  • Consider human resources as corporate asset to preserve and evolve.
  • CARBOPRESS is a company that promotes different cultures and professions
  • Always aim at better results.
  • Focus on the essential, eliminating waste and inefficiencies.
  • Operate by respecting safety, the environment and applicable laws.

The General Management establishes specific goals to attribute to the corporate Management on an annual basis, according to the sphere of competence, in line with the responsibilities covered and general corporate objectives.

Lastly, the Management ensures that the quality policy is disclosed and understood within the entire organisation, available to stakeholders and reviewed periodically to verify constant suitability with the internal and external context.